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How the Races Were Won in 1991

by Sean Wrona

Just because I compiled this column a day after the previous one doesn't mean I'm going to do so every day but I had the time to do so this weekend. I was unable to find any good video footage or online reporting or sufficient information from the Greg Fielden books I own with regard to whether Davey Allison passed Hut Stricklin on the track or during a green-flag pit stop exchange, and neither would surprise me. I will probably generally refrain from making many overall comments until the series is over, but I'll say already that even at this point there are some drivers whose ratios of natural wins to total wins surprise me.

Formula One

PhoenixAyrton Senna led the entire racenatural
InterlagosAyrton Senna led the entire racenatural
ImolaSenna inherited the lead when Riccardo Patrese pitted due to misfireoff-track
MonacoAyrton Senna led the entire racenatural
MontrealNelson Piquet inherited the lead when Nigel Mansell stalled his engine on the last lapincidental
Mexico CityPatrese passed Mansell on tracknatural
Magny-CoursMansell passed Prost on tracknatural
SilverstoneMansell led the entire racenatural
HockenheimMansell passed Jean Alesi on tracknatural
HungaroringSenna led the entire racenatural
Spa-FrancorchampsSenna inherited the lead when Alesi blew an engineincidental
MonzaMansell passed Senna on tracknatural
EstorilPatrese inherited the lead when Mansell lost a tire on pit roadincidental
CatalunyaMansell passed Gerhard Berger on tracknatural
SuzukaBerger passed Senna on the last lap via team ordersincidental
AdelaideSenna led the entire racenatural

Cumulative wins by type:

DriverTotalNaturalOff-trackIncidentalStrategic Assist


SurfersJohn Andretti inherited the lead when lapped Randy Lewis took out Rick Mearsincidental
Long BeachAl Unser, Jr. passed Michael Andretti on tracknatural
PhoenixArie Luyendyk passed Mario Andretti on tracknatural
IndianapolisMears passed Mi. Andretti on tracknatural
MilwaukeeMi. Andretti inherited lead after Mears drove through pits with engine issuesincidental
DetroitEmerson Fittipaldi inherited the lead when Luyendyk pittedoff-track
PortlandMi. Andretti passed Fittipaldi on track and was only passed on pit cyclesnatural
ClevelandMi. Andretti passed Fittipaldi on tracknatural
MeadowlandsBobby Rahal passed Mears on tracknatural
TorontoMi. Andretti led the entire racenatural
MichiganMears inherited the lead when Luyendyk pittedoff-track
DenverUnser passed Mi. Andretti on tracknatural
VancouverMi. Andretti passed Rahal on tracknatural
Mid-OhioMi. Andretti led the entire race except for pit stop exchangesnatural
Road AmericaMi. Andretti passed Unser on green-flag pit cycleoff-track
NazarethLuyendyk won on fuel mileage and inherited lead when Rahal/Mi. Andretti pittedoff-track
Laguna SecaMi. Andretti led the entire racenatural

Cumulative wins by type:

DriverTotalNaturalOff-trackIncidentalStrategic Assist
Mi. Andretti139121
Unser, Jr.86110
J. Andretti10010

NASCAR Winston Cup

DaytonaErnie Irvan passed Dale Earnhardt on tracknatural
RichmondEarnhardt passed Ricky Rudd on tracknatural
RockinghamKyle Petty passed Ken Schrader on tracknatural
AtlantaSchrader won on fuel mileage after Bill Elliott pittedoff-track
DarlingtonRudd won on fuel mileage after Davey Allison pittedoff-track
BristolRusty Wallace passed Irvan on tracknatural
North WilkesboroDarrell Waltrip passed Jimmy Spencer on tracknatural
MartinsvilleEarnhardt passed Petty on tracknatural
TalladegaHarry Gant won on fuel mileage after Schrader pittedoff-track
CharlotteAllison passed Earnhardt on tracknatural
DoverSchrader passed Earnhardt on tracknatural
SonomaAllison inherited win after Rudd penalized for penultimate lap spinoutincidental
PoconoWaltrip passed Earnhardt on tracknatural
MichiganCan't find evidence on whether Allison passed Hut Stricklin on or off track?
DaytonaElliott passed Allison on tracknatural
PoconoWallace won on fuel mileage after Irvan pittedoff-track
TalladegaEarnhardt passed Wallace on tracknatural
Watkins GlenIrvan inherited the lead when Schrader had camshaft failureincidental
MichiganDale Jarrett passed Allison on tracknatural
BristolAlan Kulwicki passed Sterling Marlin on tracknatural
DarlingtonGant passed Allison in pitsoff-track
RichmondGant passed Allison on tracknatural
DoverGant passed Wallace in pitsoff-track
MartinsvilleGant passed B. Bodine on tracknatural
North WilkesboroEarnhardt passed Gant on tracknatural
CharlotteG. Bodine won on fuel mileage after Allison pittedoff-track
RockinghamAllison beat Gant on pit cycleoff-track
PhoenixAllison passed Spencer on track after beating Jarrett out of the pitsstrategic assist
AtlantaMartin passed Earnhardt on tracknatural

Cumulative wins by type:

DriverTotalNaturalOff-trackIncidentalStrategic Assist
G. Bodine42200
D. Waltrip22000
B. Bodine10010
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