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The Merged IMSA Win List

by Sean Wrona

When Champ Car and IndyCar reunited in 2008, IndyCar acquired all the past CART and Champ Car data to create one unified win list including all series with a historical connection to the IndyCar/Champ Car ladder (although unfortunately the Wikipedia version of this list is greatly superior to anything that appears on the IndyCar site). I do not know whether the current merged Tudor United SportsCar Championship owns the rights to both the Grand-Am and ALMS data, but what I do know is that I was looking for a combined list for all U.S. sports car championships related to the original IMSA Camel GT Championship and was unable to find anything so I did so myself. The below list includes all races from IMSA GT (1971-98), United States Road Racing Championship (1998-99), ALMS (1999-2013), Grand-Am (2000-2013), and the merged TUSC up to and including the just completed race at Long Beach (I wanted to make sure I got this up before the Laguna Seca races tomorrow. In determining class wins, I counted wins in all classes that were regularly scheduled but if an entry was a class winner in a minor class that only appeared in one or two races a season (this occasionally happened at the 24 Hours of Daytona and 12 Hours of Sebring where there were a handful of additional classes that weren't long-lasting or memorable). I did include all classes that were regularly scheduled, even if some of them were relatively minor, such as the All American Challenge class from 1989-91, which only competed in GT races and on rare occasions by itself, but it seems rather similar in spirit to the Prototype Challenge class today and I believe it's unfair to exclude it. A few drivers have a greater number of overall wins than class wins, such as the winners of the 1992 and 1995 24 Hours of Daytona who never won again. These drivers did not meet the class specifications for the premier class so although they were accepted as overall winners they did not win any of the regularly scheduled classes. This is not an error. Because of the complex way sports car racing is organized, with different classes competing in different events (especially in the Camel GT era when GT drivers competed for overall wins in events containing only their cars often, unlike now when it is rare) and because I simply tallied the total number of wins, it is likely I made some mistakes (additionally because many might argue that some of the one-off classes in the 24 Hours of Daytona should count), but this is a start. Sports car racing now lacks prestige with the general public in part because of the large number of different organizations and sanctioning bodies that have held races. How do you even begin to sort out the history without merged lists? So too many American racing fans tend to ignore the sport as a result (even with the International Motorsports Hall of Fame's clear and obvious NASCAR bias and U.S. bias in general, Hurley Haywood, Butch Leitzinger, and James Weaver should have been inducted a long time ago...I'll ignore Scott Pruett for the time being since he is still full-time). Hopefully this will provide perspective on the true legends of American sports car racing. I realize this still isn't perfect because there was a period when the 24 Hours of Daytona was a sanctioned Trans-Am, not IMSA, race. Should I just go all the way and include Trans-Am, Can-Am, original USRRC, and Pirelli World Challenge races to compile a COMPLETE list of the U.S. road racing tradition? That might be interesting in and of itself because while some of these series were sports car series and others were touring car series, it can be difficult to even sort out the distinctions between which is which...Trans-Am is now usually called a touring car series but used to sanction the 24 Hours of Daytona, which the sports car series do now. However, I'm going to stick with the merged IMSA win list for starters and include all the series affiliated with the IMSA tradition to begin the process of summarizing the U.S. sports car racing tradition. Drivers are sorted by overall wins, then by class wins. I was working on this project in the last week or two and letting my more advanced statistics slide, but my next column which I certainly intend to complete before next weekend will statistically analyze the first four IndyCar races of this season in advance of the month of May. I think this is more interesting anyway since this is something I have been looking for for quite some time and found nowhere. Obviously you can't judge drivers by wins alone. Few would argue that Memo Rojas belongs in such exalted company since he generally piggybacked off Scott Pruett's success and was unable to win without Pruett, while Pruett was able to win with many other co-drivers, but it's a start. There were many drivers with relatively few wins I was very surprised to see on the list: Joe Amato, Geoff Bodine, Robbie Buhl, Bill Elliott, Chip Ganassi, Caitlyn Jenner, Bob Lazier (though not Buddy), Kyle Petty, Jimmy Vasser, and Dennis Vitolo among them (I was already aware of Terry Labonte and Jerry Nadeau's wins so I didn't list them). This really does capture a microcosm of American racing even if the Grand-Am/ALMS split caused too much of IMSA's great history to be forgotten (but at least that split was considerably less bitter than CART and IRL as while the fans slung mud at each other far too often, the combatants generally didn't, unlike in the IndyCar split). On to the list, which includes an awe-inspiring 908 names on it (I'd have made separate lists for overall and class wins if the list was shorter). Unfortunately, it does look like a few of my counts slightly differ from those in this article, so maybe I did release this a bit too soon.

DriverOverall WinsClass Wins
Scott Pruett5358
Al Holbert5050
Peter Gregg3941
James Weaver3842
Butch Leitzinger3452
Memo Rojas3030
Rinaldo Capello2937
Hurley Haywood2833
Max Angelelli2727
Lucas Luhr2552
Geoff Brabham2525
Allan McNish2331
Marco Werner2126
Frank Biela2122
Juan Manuel Fangio II2121
Andy Wallace2033
Klaus Graf2022
JJ Lehto1923
Derek Bell1920
John Paul, Jr.1819
David Brabham1735
Emanuele Pirro1719
Wayne Taylor1718
Jon Fogarty1616
Alex Gurney1616
Steve Millen1519
Chip Robinson1515
Hans-Joachim Stuck1421
Pete Halsmer1419
Price Cobb1418
Tom Kristensen1415
John Fitzpatrick1414
Didier Theys1313
Brian Redman1212
Jan Magnussen1143
Terry Borcheller1131
Jack Baldwin1124
Joao Barbosa1118
Elliott Forbes-Robinson1118
David Hobbs1111
Timo Bernhard1031
Romain Dumas1024
Davy Jones1012
Mauro Baldi1010
Gianpiero Moretti1010
Ricky Taylor1010
Luis Diaz923
Darin Brassfield917
Chris Dyson913
Willy T. Ribbs910
Bill Whittington99
Dennis Aase818
Walt Bohren816
Bob Wollek816
Max Papis813
Simon Pagenaud810
John Paul810
Jordan Taylor810
Christian Fittipaldi88
Klaus Ludwig88
Don Devendorf722
Bob Earl722
John Morton717
Robby Gordon713
Doc Bundy711
Chris Cord711
Michael Keyser710
Forest Barber77
Johnny O'Connell648
Joerg Bergmeister644
Andy Pilgrim621
Scott Sharp612
Dorsey Schroeder610
Jim Busby66
Johnny Herbert66
Randy Lanier66
Fredy Lienhard66
Danny Ongais66
Bobby Rahal66
Irv Hoerr526
Roger Mandeville521
Jeremy Dale511
Bob Tullius510
Fermin Velez510
Ryan Dalziel59
Eric van de Poele57
Jan Lammers56
Derek Daly55
Gil de Ferran55
Brian Frisselle55
P.J. Jones55
Rolf Stommelen55
Bill Auberlen452
Andy Lally429
Wally Dallenbach, Jr.416
David Donohue49
Joe Varde49
Paul Gentilozzi48
Franck Montagny46
Richard Westbrook46
Rob Dyson45
Ted Field44
A.J. Foyt44
Jochen Mass44
Drake Olson44
Guy Smith44
Jim Trueman44
Al Unser, Jr.44
Sarel van der Merwe44
Don Whittington44
Sascha Maassen332
Patrick Long326
Paul Edwards314
Gene Felton313
Antonio Garcia313
Darren Law313
Colin Braun311
Joerg Mueller310
Jim Pace39
Bill Adam38
Milka Duno38
Pierre Kaffer38
Stephane Sarrazin37
Emmanuel Collard36
Andy Evans35
Nic Jönsson35
RJ Valentine35
Bob Akin34
John Andretti34
Mike Borkowski34
Sebastien Bourdais34
Dave Heinz34
Mike Rockenfeller34
Eric Bernard33
George Dyer33
JC France33
Antonio Hermann33
Andrea Montermini33
Juan Pablo Montoya33
Oswaldo Negri, Jr.33
Eliseo Salazar33
Steve Soper33
Michael Valiante33
Oliver Gavin242
Ron Fellows227
Kelly Collins220
Tommy Kendall217
Christophe Bouchut216
Jon Field214
Marino Franchitti212
Ryan Briscoe211
Adrian Fernandez210
Lee Mueller210
Alex Popow28
Terry Visger28
Bob Beasley27
Kevin Buckler27
Maurice Carter26
Mark Wilkins26
Jim Matthews25
Sam Posey25
Mauricio de Narvaez24
John Greenwood24
Roger Schramm24
Tom Gloy23
Marc Goossens23
Harald Grohs23
Stefan Johansson23
Frank Leary23
Michele Alboreto22
Dick Barbour22
John Bauer22
Raul Boesel22
Martin Brundle22
Scott Dixon22
Bob Garretson22
Dave Helmick22
Neel Jani22
Reinhold Joest22
Fredy Lienhard22
Arie Luyendyk22
Charles Mendez22
Milt Minter22
John Nielsen22
Mark Patterson22
John Pew22
Wilbur Pickett22
Nicolas Prost22
Henry Taleb22
John Winter22
Alexander Wurz22
Ricardo Zonta22
Olivier Beretta144
Scott Tucker125
Jim Downing124
Boris Said122
Jeff Kline119
Walt Maas117
Spencer Pumpelly117
Brad Frisselle114
Ron Johnson114
Karl Wendlinger113
Joey Hand112
Jon Bennett110
Clay Young110
Marc Bunting19
Phil Currin19
Johannes van Overbeek19
Logan Blackburn18
Didier de Radigues18
John Jones18
Wayne Baker17
Ian James17
John Schneider17
Dirk Werner17
John O'Steen16
Dave White16
Rob Morgan15
George Robinson15
Danny Smith15
Franck Freon14
Pedro Lamy14
Luis Mendez14
Jim Adams13
Dominique Dupuy13
Giancarlo Fisichella13
Stu Hayner13
Tony Jennings13
Tony Kanaan13
Bryce Miller13
Greg Pickett13
Michael Schrom13
Mirco Schultis13
Renger van der Zande13
Jay Cochran12
Dario Franchitti12
Werner Frank12
Scott Goodyear12
Boy Hayje12
Ryan Hunter-Reay12
Oliver Jarvis12
Caitlyn Jenner12
Steven Kane12
Chris Kneifel12
Bruce Leven12
Raphael Matos12
Rob McFarlin12
Allan Moffat12
Rocky Moran12
Paul Nichter12
Enzo Potolicchio12
Dieter Quester12
Sean Rayhall12
Buddy Rice12
Jochen Rohr12
Laurent Aiello11
Humaid Al Masaood11
Matt Alhadeff11
A.J. Allmendinger11
Bob Bailey11
Claude Ballot-Lena11
Paolo Barilla11
Andrea Belicchi11
Gary Brabham11
Ed Brown11
Tom Chilton11
Jonny Cocker11
Tim Coconis11
Or Costanzo11
Yannick Dalmas11
Anthony Davidson11
Tony DeLorenzo11
Rick Dilorio11
Mark Dismore11
Paul Drayson11
Johnny Dumfries11
Salvador Duran11
Loic Duval11
Graham Duxbury11
Marcel Fassler11
Jim Field11
George Follmer11
Jo Gartner11
Marc Gene11
Memo Gidley11
John Graves11
Mario Haberfeld11
Bob Hagestad11
Brendon Hartley11
Nick Heidfeld11
Preston Henn11
Hans Heyer11
Toine Hezemans11
Steve Ivankovich11
Juan Izquierdo11
Frank Jelinski11
Charlie Kemp11
Charlie Kimball11
Tracy Krohn11
Nicolas Lapierre11
Kyle Larson11
Tim Lewis, Jr.11
Jim Locke11
Denny Long11
Tony Martin11
Scott Mayer11
Michael McDowell11
Jamie McMurray11
Casey Mears11
Volkert Merl11
Stefan Mucke11
Daniel Muniz11
Olivier Panis11
Henri Pescarolo11
Christian Pescatori11
Philipp Peter11
Olivier Pla11
Harold Primat11
Graham Rahal11
Hector Rebaque11
Leighton Reese11
Manuel Reuter11
Walter Rohrl11
Guillermo Rojas11
James Rossiter11
Mimmo Schiattarella11
Vern Schuppan11
Hayanari Shimoda11
Benoît Treluyer11
Al Unser11
Fred van Beuren, Jr.11
Dan Wheldon11
Dale Whittington11
Justin Wilson11
Roy Woods11
Gustavo Yacaman11
Don Yenko11
Masahiro Hasemi10
Kazuyoshi Hoshino10
Juergen Lassig10
Giovanni Lavaggi10
Toshio Suzuki10
Robin Liddell029
Parker Johnstone026
Charles Morgan022
Cort Wagner021
Amos Johnson020
Dirk Mueller019
Wolf Henzler018
Dan Marvin018
Clint Field017
Jaime Melo017
Dave Cowart016
David Loring016
Tommy Riggins016
Jeroen Bleekemolen015
Nick Ham015
Ruggiero Melgrati015
Sylvain Tremblay015
Craig Conway014
Doug Goad014
Mika Salo014
Larry Schumacher014
Franz Konrad013
Kenper Miller013
John Maffucci012
Randy Pobst012
Chris Bingham011
John Fergus011
Tom Hessert011
Leh Keen011
Marc Duez010
Anthony Lazzaro010
Tommy Milner010
Tim Pappas010
Scott Schubot010
Jeff Segal010
Bob Sharp010
John Edwards09
Billy Hagan09
Brent Martini09
Howard Meister09
Jim Mullen09
Tony Adamowicz08
Emil Assentato08
Andrew Davis08
Mike Fitzgerald08
Justin Marks08
Larry Oberto08
Al Bacon07
Don Bell07
Paul Dalla Lana07
Dominik Farnbacher07
Martino Finotto07
Ryan Hampton07
Gunnar Jeannette07
Elton Julian07
Ralf Kelleners07
Tomas Lopez07
David Machavern07
Joe Pezza07
Chester Vincentz07
Ross Bentley06
Bob Bergstrom06
Jonathan Bomarito06
Jeff Bucknum06
Dane Cameron06
Nelson Canache06
Jim Cook06
Duncan Ende06
Dick Greer06
James Gue06
Liz Halliday06
Howard Katz06
Ben Keating06
Linda Ludemann06
Chris McMurry06
Johnny Mowlem06
David Murry06
Bob Reed06
Bryan Sellers06
Lyn St. James06
Peter Cunningham05
Duncan Dayton05
Ben Devlin05
Jack Dunham05
Tomaš Enge05
John Finger05
Mike Guasch05
Derek Hill05
Bruno Lambert05
Bob Leitzinger05
Michael Levitas05
Cooper MacNeil05
Kyle Marcelli05
Steve Marshall05
Joel Miller05
Juan Montalvo05
Tristan Nunez05
Javier Quiros05
Dennis Shaw05
Martin Snow05
Darren Turner05
Peter Uria05
Dion von Moltke05
Sebastiaan Bleekemolen04
Mike Brockman04
Gianmaria Bruni04
Chris Cumming04
Dick Davenport04
Phil Dermer04
Michael Durand04
Damien Faulkner04
Tony Garcia04
Ludwig Heimrath04
Robert Hennig04
Rick Knoop04
Marc Lieb04
Les Lindley04
Tom Long04
Eric Lux04
Danny Marshall04
Mike Mees04
Markus Palttala04
Mark Porcaro04
John Potter04
Melanie Snow04
Lance Stewart04
Warren Agor03
George Alderman03
Alessandro Balzan03
Chad Block03
Rusty Bond03
Thierry Boutsen03
Kenny Bupp03
Frank Carney03
Al Carter03
Michael Ciasulli03
Henrique Cisneros03
Guy Cosmo03
Brian Cunningham03
Eric Curran03
Eduardo Dibos03
Tomy Drissi03
Jean-Francois Dumoulin03
Steve Durst03
Rick Fairbanks03
Diego Febles03
Bonky Fernandez03
Adrian Gang03
John Graham03
David Haskell03
Terry Herman03
Kim Hiskey03
Claudia Hurtgen03
Bruno Junqueira03
Yoshimi Katayama03
Tom Kimber-Smith03
Don Knowles03
Horst Kwech03
Jon Leavy03
Ryan Lewis03
Paul Macey03
Mark Martin03
Scott Maxwell03
Chip Mead03
Doug Mills03
Diego Montoya03
Wayne Nonnamaker03
Russ Norburn03
Jim Norman03
Stephane Ortelli03
Jeff Purner03
Henri Richard03
Ulli Richter03
Jim Rothbarth03
Bob Schader03
Mark Simo03
Nick Tandy03
Yojiro Terada03
Bryan Willman03
Kuno Wittmer03
Andre Ahrle02
Paul Alderman02
Tico Almeida02
Bill Alsup02
Joe Amato02
Tommy Archer02
Lawson Aschenbach02
Carson Baird02
Shawn Bayliff02
Stephen Behr02
Justin Bell02
Townsend Bell02
Steve Bertheau02
Ronnie Bremer02
Walter Brun02
Lilian Bryner02
Enzo Calderari02
Steve Cameron02
Howard Cherry02
Tom Ciccone02
Angelo Cilli02
Brian DeVries02
Emilio Di Guida02
Billy Dingman02
Pierre Ehret02
Fredrik Ekblom02
Mario Farnbacher02
Tato Ferrer02
Calvin Fish02
Jim Fitzgerald02
Burt Frisselle02
Vince Gimondo02
Juan Gonzalez02
Ricardo Gonzalez02
Michael Greenfield02
Simon Gregg02
Jim Grob02
John Grooms02
Richard Grupp02
David Heinemeier Hansson02
Rodney Harris02
Darryl Havens02
Bob Hindson02
Patrick Huisman02
Frank Jellinek02
Max Jones02
Robert Julien02
Rudy Junco02
Chuck Kendall02
Bill Koll02
Peter Kox02
Terry Labonte02
Bob Lazier02
Bob Lesnett02
Jack Lewis02
Shane Lewis02
Richard Lietz02
Michel Ligonnet02
John Macaluso02
John Magee02
Don Marsh02
Kelly Marsh02
Tim McAdam02
Skeeter McKitterick02
Paul Menard02
Erik Messley02
Charles Monk02
Byron Morris02
Tom Nehl02
Seth Neiman02
Dave Nicholas02
Kees Nierop02
Andrew Palmer02
Ron Pawley02
Doug Peterson02
Patrick Pilet02
Martin Plowman02
Robert Prilika02
Bill Rand02
Wido Rossler02
Toni Seiler02
Kal Showket02
Walt Simendinger02
Brian Simo02
Charles Slater02
Pete Smith02
Chiqui Soldevilla02
Ernesto Soto02
David Sterenberg02
Bill Sweedler02
David Tennyson02
Harry Theodoracopulos02
Ren Tilton02
Jorge Trejos02
Toni Vilander02
Ray Walle02
Jeff Westphal02
Takashi Yorino02
Ira Young02
B.J. Zacharias02
Danny Aase01
Clint Abernethy01
Filipe Albuquerque01
Uwe Alzen01
Peter Argetsinger01
Gary Auberlen01
Ian Baas01
Fabio Babini01
Jamie Bach01
Freddy Baker01
Lew Bakes01
Ted Ballou01
Juan Barazi01
Marc Basseng01
Bill Bean01
Matt Bell01
Ray Bellm01
John Belperche01
Richard Berry01
Andrea Bertolini01
Geoff Bodine01
Robert Borders01
Daniel Brassfield01
Rainer Brezinka01
James Briody01
Harrison Brix01
John Buffum01
Robbie Buhl01
Spencer Buzbee01
Andrew Carbonell01
Rick Carelli01
Helio Castroneves01
David Cheng01
Michael Christensen01
Adam Christodoulou01
Marco Cioci01
Joe Cogbill01
Michael Cohen01
Steve Coleman01
Jon Compton01
Kendall Cranston01
Jerry Crew01
Bill Cuddy01
Ray Cuomo01
Bret Curtis01
Paul Dallenbach01
Carlos de Quesada01
Keith Delaney01
Loic Depallier01
Bud Deshler01
Joe Diamante01
Bunny Diggett01
Rick Dittman01
Gunter Dobler01
Dominic Dobson01
Ken Dobson01
Bob Dotson01
Matt Drendel01
Luca Drudi01
Tom Dutton01
Dirk Ebeling01
Sean Edwards01
Cary Eisenlohr01
Bill Elliott01
David Empringham01
Bert Everett01
Carlo Facetti01
Bob Faieta01
Keith Fisher01
Gregor Fisken01
Troy Flis01
John Freyre01
Cory Friedman01
Brian Fuerstenau01
Scooter Gabel01
Chip Ganassi01
Whitney Ganz01
Brendan Gaughan01
Alf Gebhardt01
Kuba Giermaziak01
Lou Gigliotti01
Chris Gleason01
Brian Goellnicht01
Jon Gooding01
Trip Gooslby01
Patrice Goueslard01
Darius Grala01
Peter Greenfield01
Nigel Greensall01
Christopher Haase01
Butch Hamlet01
Maurice Hassey01
Hubert Haupt01
Jack Hawksworth01
Bob Heiberg01
John Heinricy01
Martin Henderson01
Ken Hendrick01
Tom Hendrickson01
Bryan Herta01
Lanny Hester01
John Higgins01
Gerhard Hirsch01
Kerry Hitt01
Wesley Hoaglund01
Fritz Hochreuter01
Scott Hoerr01
Marco Holzer01
Kenny Irwin, Jr.01
Peter Jauker01
Bruce Jennings01
Alan Johnson01
Billy Johnson01
Bart Kendall01
Richard Kendrick01
Don Kitch01
Peter Kitchak01
Steve Knight01
Ken Knott01
Ray Kraftson01
Chuck Kurtz01
Greg LaCava01
Dave Lacey01
Michael Lauer01
Cameron Lawrence01
Peter LeSaffre01
Bill Lester01
Don Lindley01
Steve Lisa01
George Lisberg01
John Littlechild01
Bob Lobenberg01
Nick Longhi01
Costas Los01
Peter MacLeod01
Jocko Maggiacomo01
Rodney Mall01
Matteo Malucelli01
Vic Manuelli01
Michael Marsal01
Maxime Martin01
Ritch Marziale01
Renato Mastropietro01
Rick Maugeri01
Perry McCarthy01
David McClain01
Lee McDonald01
Hugh McDonough01
Dave McEntee01
Ian McKellar01
Andy McNeil01
Arnd Meier01
Alain Menu01
Christian Menzel01
Gary Mesnick01
John Metcalf01
Mike Meyer01
Rod Millen01
Jim Miller01
Marty Miller01
Paul Miller01
Anthony Milne01
Dan Moore01
John Morrison01
Edoardo Mortara01
Jeff Mosing01
Ray Mummery01
Jerry Nadeau01
Albert Naon01
Tom Nastasi01
Bruce Nesbitt01
Michel Neugarten01
Paul Newman01
Scott Newman01
Mike Newton01
Andrew Novich01
David Ostella01
Dan Osterholt01
Peter Overing01
Will Pace01
Don Parish01
Nick Parker01
Lonnie Pechnik01
Levon Pentecost01
Albert Pentrillo01
Thierry Perrier01
Jens Petersen01
Andy Petery01
Kyle Petty01
Steve Phillips01
Don Pickering01
Alessandro Pier Guidi01
Mike Piera01
Hugh Plumb01
Jerome Policand01
Richard Polidori01
Alec Poole01
Greg Pootmans01
Andy Priaulx01
Shawn Price01
Joe Pruskowski01
Justin Pruskowski01
Martin Ragginger01
Rene Rast01
Bob Raub01
Josh Rehm01
Alex Riberas01
Joe Richardson01
Christian Ried01
Marshall Robbins01
Gianluca Roda01
Rene Rodriguez01
J. Dana Roehrig01
George Rollin01
Francisco Romero01
Chris Ronson01
Fabio Rosa01
Gabrio Rosa01
Dave Rosenblum01
Craig Ross01
Steve Ross01
Stephane Roy01
Paolo Ruberti01
Frank Rubino01
Kathy Rude01
Randy Ruhlman01
Scott Russell01
Mark Sandridge01
Raffaele Sangiuolo01
Roy Schader01
David Schroeder01
Richard Schuck01
Rusty Scott01
Marco Seefried01
Peter Seldon01
Charlie Shears01
Neil Shelton01
Michael Sherwin01
Gene Sigal01
David Simpson01
A.J. Smith01
J.D. Smith01
Madison Snow01
Bob Speakman01
Dennis Spencer01
Bruno St. Jacques01
Craig Stanton01
Richard Staples01
Lou Statzer01
Richard Stevens01
Paul Stewart01
George Stone01
Danny Sullivan01
Jonathan Summerton01
Frank Thomas01
Ralph Thomas01
Rick Thompkins01
Gary Tiller01
Armando Trentini01
Owen Trinkler01
Johnny Unser01
Alberto Vadia01
Gunnar van der Steur01
Jimmy Vasser01
Stephane Veilleux01
E.J. Viso01
Dennis Vitolo01
Garrett Waddall01
Barry Waddell01
Don Walker01
Jerry Walsh01
David Warnock01
Randolph Watkins01
Charles West01
Dale White01
Lee Wiese01
Greg Wilkins01
Jack Willes01
Tom Winters01
Karl-Heinz Wlazik01
Gustavo Yacaman01
Chris Young01
Angelo Zadra01
Hans Ziereis01
Ron Zitza01
Sean Wrona is the Managing Editor of racermetrics.com, the Webmaster of race-database.com, the winner of the 2010 Ultimate Typing Championship at the SXSW Interactive Conference in Austin, and the ratings compiler and statistician for the Mensa Scrabble-by-Mail SIG. He earned a master's in applied statistics from Cornell University in 2008 and previously digitized several seasons of NBA box scores on basketball-reference.com. You may contact him at sean@racermetrics.com.